Clinic nuances

TLC- very occasionally has a study embedded within a dental series from a prior date. Mention the location within the dental study & the date on the images, and proceed as normal.

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“Manual” submission

- appears with a “M” beside the green dot in RemedyView. These cannot have images attached. Please enter into the findings section “This case is a manual submission, therefore no images can be attached. Please start a new request and attach the images” and finalize the case. (Do not type anything into the conclusions section--that [...]

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Prior/additional studies

If taken at the same time based on timestamp, read as one study. Priors may not be available on the server (supposed to store for at least 12 months), but can refer to prior report. Search by patient name/ID in RemedyView.

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How to denote billing category

If 10+ images, CT study, discount, second study/report on the same request: enter the case into the Google Sheets file. This file can be used for any other notes for case billing (RemedyView or Vetology), and is cleared out monthly.

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RemedyView/VetRocket support

For server down issues: 888-757-0266 If afterhours, leave message for emergency technician. They mention a fee, but it is handled by the clinic they service.

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