El Cid 1

Lighthouse Radiology has provided our hospital with the ability to utilize advanced diagnostics and specialty medicine in the comfort of our own practice. Dr. McEwen's expertise has helped us on numerous occasions come to a diagnosis and better serve our patients and clients.

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Tyler 5

From the initial set up with the software to the simplicity of the program they use, Lighthouse Radiology makes everything so much easier, more efficient, and we can trust the information given to us so we can better care for our clients' pets!

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Tyler 3

We love Lighthouse Radiology! They seem to have a real interest in our cases. Dr. McEwen has even called to follow up and see what the end result was on some cases. We have used other companies for our radiological needs in the past and have never been more pleased than we are now.

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Tyler 2

We highly recommend Lighthouse to our colleagues. There is a clear difference in Lighthouse. With Lighthouse, we always get a quick, accurate result!

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Tyler 1

Lighthouse is able to give us either a confirmation on what we are already thinking, or is able to see and give recommendations for continued care. We feel we have an extra tool to offer to our clients and their pets because we feel we have a radiologist on staff.

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East Lake 3

Your services have been wonderful, your responses quick, and your invoices prompt and accurate. Thank you for your wonderful service. You go above and beyond the call of duty!

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East Lake 1

Your services have been more than helpful in aiding our diagnosis for our patients. We have better peace of mind knowing that we have you available.  We would recommend you to anyone who was searching for a digital radiographic interpretation referral service.

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