Why do I need a radiologist for radiographs?


In ‘human medicine,’ all imaging is read by a board certified radiologist.  On the veterinary side, while many veterinarians often interpret their own films, there can be much more information available on the films than is easily appreciated.  Board certified radiologists have at least 3 years (often 4) of additional training specifically focused on imaging.  Primary veterinarians may see a few radiographs per week.  A radiologist will commonly see at least several dozen per day.


Utilizing a board certified radiologist will:

  • Improve the quality of care provided to your patients (more directed case workups and satisfactory clinical outcomes)
  • Likely result in increased revenue, as additional diagnostics and procedures are often recommended
  • Decrease interpretation error
  • Provide a specialist’s opinion to support your recommendations
  • Limit your liability
  • Increase overall client satisfaction


Provide the best care possible for your patients. Make the most of your diagnostics, your time, and client funds. Use an ACVR board-certified radiologist to interpret your radiographs.


What about ultrasound?



More information about ACVR radiologist training is available on the ACVR website.