Schedule mobile ultrasound appointments


Please fill out the form below and we will call to schedule your appointment.  Appointment windows of morning (8am-noon) or afternoon (noon-5pm) are assigned, with the patient dropped off either before 8am or before noon.

*If needed, additional attachments can be faxed to 888-XRAY-VET, or emailed to


Please let clients know ahead of time that their pet will be shaved.  This is mandatory in order to perform a thorough and diagnostic quality ultrasound exam.  Have the patients clipped prior to the exam.  For an abdominal scan they should be shaved from the 10th intercostal space to the pubis and laterally to the paralumbar muscles.  This will include shaving the side of the ribcage to expose the intercostal spaces from the 9th caudad.  I would be happy to show the technicians how to clip for abdominal ultrasounds and echocardiography.


Please have 1 -2 assistants available to assist during the exam.